Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Making Progress

I'm nowhere near my goal, but I'm learnin' lots. 
I had wanted to be finished with these blankies a couple of weeks ago and well into the bibs and burp cloths, but a clingy 8-month-old has kept me from finishing all the fabric I cut.  Here are some photos of what I have done so far, along with several more burp cloths I didn't photograph. 

My big dilemma right now is batting for the blankies.  The tutorial I bought doesn't indicate which thickness of batting to use.   I started with the thinnest (didn't take a picture of it).  I'm not crazy about it because it doesn't do much, just makes the blanket feel like a piece of fabric and a piece of minky stuck together, which is what it is.  These blankies were made with the extra-loft batting and while they are nice and fluffy and cozy, they were a booger to sew.  And even trickier to seam-rip!   Plus, I wonder if they're too fluffy for a little guy to be snuggled-up in.  Last week I purchased a middle-of-the-road batting, I think it's called low-loft, but I haven't tried it yet.  Hopefully it will be just right!  The next thing I need to finish are the bibs I cut fabric for, seen here. 

Before I start blankies in the other fabrics I purchased I need attach the snaps to the pacifier straps to these that I've already sewn.  I've also selected yarn colors from my stash to match each fabric pattern with a pair of booties, with the hopes of selling them as a duo or with something else to make a larger gift set...we'll see if I can get that done!  Crafting moves a bit more slowly these days because of this guy here, happy to be outside with Mommy while she snaps pics of blankies!

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