Monday, August 31, 2009

So You Think You Can Sew?

So...I think I can sew. 
I think

I've always been interested in sewing and crafts, fabric and fibers.  It started with learning to cross-stitch when I was six, to my latest hobby, crocheting, which I taught myself how to do at thirty-one!  Now I'm going to take a stab at sewing and record my crafty journey here on With a Needle and Thread

I've decided I'd better take a class.  I have a lot to learn.  My first sewing class will be at a place called Make! in Dallas' Bishop Arts District.  It looks like a really cool part of town- just a few minutes from downtown Dallas. They offer classes in all sorts of crafty areas; cardmaking, block printing, sewing, and more.  My class is called "Sewing I" and is the pre-resiquite to all other sewing classes.  This class will cover the basics, down to the parts of a sewing machine.  This is where I'm starting, folks.  From the very beginning.  I even have to rent one of their machines to use during class.  We are going to attempt sewing an actual item, which is kind of scary but really exciting; a simple purse, from fabric we choose when we get to the class. 

Can I do it? 
We shall see...

Here goes nothin!

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