Saturday, October 10, 2009

Smartypants Saturday no.1

Welcome to the first edition of Smartypants Saturday!

It seemed appropriate to start the first article of the series with the basics: sewing supplies. This is an important (and expensive!) part to getting started sewing. Featured today is The Basic Sewing Kit from Martha Stewart.

Some of these I have, some I don't. And one or two I can do without for now. A couple of things that I love are missing, like my self-healing mat and rotary cutter!

What would I do without those? Probably cut wonky fabric pieces...

Today's photo is courtesy of The Stitch Lab in Austin, Texas, via flickr. Click the link to view the photo in flickr, which includes some very handy notes. I'm definitely going to have to find me one of those fabric turners for when I make my binkie straps. Having that last week would have saved me a good hour of time and lots of stress on my hands...

Enjoy and learn lots!

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