Friday, September 18, 2009


I needed something easy to practice with on my machine - something rectangle-ish. 
 These little rice bag warmers were so much fun, so easy - and fast!  And I'm a novice, so you know it must be true. ;)

It took me an hour to do the first one, and about thirty minutes to complete the second.  I anticpate the rest of them to stitch up even faster, especially if I work assembly-line fashion.  I'm an assembly-line kind of gal.  Teaching for ten years taught me how to "work smarter, not harder" for sure.  As soon as I finished, I began a list of people I can give these warmers to for the holidays. My list is at eight right now, and I'm sure it will grow.

What do you think about these little warmers?  I think you should whip one up today.  They could do more than just warm up your bed for your cold little toesies - I'm thinking neck warmer, heating pad for when you have a headache or a muscle ache.  Each one uses a fat quarter of muslin and a fat quarter of a patterned fabric of your choice.  Check out the link to V & Co.'s fabulous instructions under the "terrific tutorials" section on my sidebar.  Good luck and stay cozy!

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