Monday, September 21, 2009

The Workshop

My husband suggested we turn our little-used "office" into a sewing room for me. 
Gotta love that!  We've been working on it for about a week and it's turning into quite the cozy little spot.  Before we started I did lots of searching, mostly on flickr, for pictures of other people's sewing rooms.  Boy-oh-boy, there are some beautiful, organized rooms out there! 

Because we'll only be in this house for two or three more years, I don't want to paint my room.  The color in there now, Behr's "clay pebble" is a great neutral color for resale, so it will stay.  Most of the furniture is black, so black and khaki it is.  Not very shabby-chic-sewing-roomish, but still cute.  What for an accent color?  It will definitly have to be my favorite - cranberry red.  Here are some so-far pics. It's coming along and I love it.

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